Road Show Services

Road Show Services

Coastal Car Worldwide is an expert in the fast-paced world of financial road shows. Coastal is built around the core values of accountability, communication, exceptional customer care, and professionalism. Coastal Car Worldwide has had the privilege to provide some of the top management teams in the country with flawless execution of their most complicated itineraries.

Dedicated Road Show Desk and Phone Number

  • Coastal Car Worldwide features a Road Show Desk dedicated exclusively for planning and meeting the on-the-spot needs of our customers. Road Show customers receive 24/7/365 access to a dedicated 800 number and e-mail address for bookings, account status, itinerary updates and more.

Personalized Service

  • Coastal Car Worldwide accommodates all your special requests, with the finest amenities, from choice of newspaper to preferred beverages. Your preferences can be stored in your profile to ensure the same level of service is provided, regardless of which city or country you are in.
  • Successful road shows depend on precision logistics. Coastal Car Worldwide’s around the clock customer service center and superior online technology provide the flexibility to keep up with demanding schedules and frequent itinerary adjustments, providing perfect execution of road show components.
  • Coastal Car Worldwide meets the unique demands of investment bankers by providing reliable, safe and comfortable ground transportation from the first pick-up to the final drop-off.


  • A dedicated Road Show coordinator will be provided with local area expertise in each city to make sure arrangements and services are flawless on every stop of your itinerary.
  • At Coastal Car Worldwide we invest in our staff so that they will invest in our clients. Our dedicated road show professionals are trained to execute rigorous, detailed multi-city, full-day schedules. Our toll-free telephone number puts you in contact with our road show professionals immediately, with your phone call answered by a live person, 24/7, within three rings. For seamless integration of complex multi-city trips, one call to Coastal Car Worldwide can accommodate your transportation needs around the globe.

Detailed Pre-Trip Information

  • The evening prior to your road shows we will provide you with your chauffeur's name and cell phone number. This information will be e-mailed and or text messaged to you for all cities you are traveling in the next day.
  • For added convenience, Coastal Car Worldwide works from your original manifest or email confirmations. You can also take advantage of Coastal Car Worldwide's online portal that makes business travel management easy, with 24/7/365 access to your account.


  • When your road show is complete, we provide customized billing to make your accounting simple. All meetings and events are centrally "batch billed" to give you one statement with individual details of local activity in each respective location.


  • In addition, Coastal Car Worldwide maintains constant communications among chauffeurs, passengers and the Road Show Desk. This enables us to monitor changes and continually track the progress of the road show - providing greater control and flexibility. With Ride Status Notification you will have the ability to receive emails or text messages for the status of each ride, as well as the ability to view the real time status on line at any time.

Specially-Trained Road Show Chauffeurs

  • Coastal Car Worldwide assigns our top chauffeurs to our Road Show customers. Our road show chauffeurs are specifically trained to accommodate all road show customer needs. You can always expect a career chauffeur, fully uniformed and trained, driving an impeccable vehicle prepared to provide you with unsurpassed service.