"We at Coastal Car Worldwide are committed to our customer's experience, measuring our experience by how YOU measure us."

In an effort to simplify your experience with Coastal, we have listened to your feedback and created the following efficiencies...

  • Easy Address Entry Lookup

    Easy Address Entry Lookup

    By utilizing search engines powered by Google and Bing, we are able to deliver the most accurate results for searching for any location anywhere in the world.

    By using the smart type functionality, as you continue to type the search criteria is suggested and continues to be refined until you find what you are looking for. You also have the ability to see the estimated distance and time and the suggested route to and from each location. You can use the map to display a satellite image as well as a street view for each address entered.

  • Ride Status Notification

    Ride Status Notification

    Ride Status Notification was developed with the intent to provide you with the real time status of each ride to keep you informed and updated.

    You have the ability to receive notifications via email or text message without entering your mobile provider. The notifications can be set up as a one-time notification or stored under a profile or account level to automatically generate for each ride. You have the ability to set this up for multiple people and they will only see the notifications you wish them to see.

  • Manage Your Rides

    Manage Your Rides

    You now have the ability to manage your upcoming rides or view your ride history on an individual basis or for an entire account.

    You can use the filters to search for a particular date range. You also have the ability to view, edit, print or email a reservation confirmation or ride receipt with the simple click of a button.

  • Ride Templates

    Ride Templates

    It is as simple as a click of a button to create a ride template when booking a reservation to use for future bookings of frequently travelled destinations. You have the ability to set up a ride template for any type of ride with any combination of locations. You can also select your preferences to be stored within each template.